Friday, April 21, 2006

Pimping America

The analogy isn't pretty but it's accurate. The pimp doesn't care about the johns. He doesn't care about the whores beyond what they can provide for him. His affection for them is best likened to a farmers affection for his chickens. The ones who lay the most are his favorites.

I don't care about America anymore. I don't care who she's screwing or why. I don't care about those getting screwed. Hell... they're askin' for it. Its a service they're payin' for.

I'm just looking to make money off of the transaction.

The American public isn't interested in independence or self-reliance. It's lookin' for a tit to suckle. No thanks. Not my bag. I have no interest in saving them what don't want saved. At this point, I'll just defend what's mine thanks. If you want to fight for yours, more power to ya. Just stay outta my way and leave me the hell alone.

If you're like me I do have some advice though. Pimp her. There is still money to be made here. Large sums of it. Get it. Then get out. There is every reason to scrounge around a sinkin' ship to find some life jackets. But there ain't no reason at all to go down with her.

My wife and I are doing very well. We're greatful that our little whore is bringin' in the cash... but that doesn't change reality. We know she's a crackwhore... and we know she's dangerous. She'd put a knife in my back without a second thought if she got the idea that it would get her a little cash for her next fix.

America is an unrepentant crackwhore. Get what you can from her...

Then get the hell away. 20 years from now... look for ol' Nate to be bloggin' from an Island somewhere south of the Hurricane Zone... earning 10%.

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