Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Life's Sweet Drug

You ever wonder why the views from the mountain top are the prettiest? Its because ya worked so hard to get there. More often than not we cherish the obstacles more than the reward, which they end up defining anyway.

Sometimes you just have to ride right through it.

Up top... that's one of the obstacles we blew through... or over... or around... or I guess sorta all three. Then beside it... those are 13 graves of Unkown Confederate Soldiers we found. I do believe the Sons of Confederate Veterans keeps them tidy.

On row 2 you'll find a pretty nice crop duster picture. Click on it. It's a lot better in its larger form... and yeah... next to it.. That really is JAC takin' a piss break. That last picture... that's what I spent a lot of time lookin' at. JAC tryin to figure out just where in the hell we were.

If you haven't checked out the audio blogs and ride reports over at JAC's I recommend them. Most of the tales have already been told... though I am savin' one.

Someday I'll tell y'all about the Glow-In-The-Dark Cemetary.

Anyway in two weeks I have lived enough to aquire two years worth of blogging fodder... now I just need the time to do it. Sadly time is the one thing I don't have. Its only through lottery like luck that I have been allowed this breif moment.

Don't give up on me y'all. I'll be around.

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