Tuesday, April 18, 2006

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

Hey... it's more of a tractor than that sad little thing Bill's got! I consulted JAC on the matter. He says if its got 25hp and is capable of using ground engaging equipment then By God its a tractor. Granted the cruise control almost disqualified it.

I really wanted a John Deere... but the truth is for the money the Cub Cadet was just a better piece of machinery. Better warranty, bigger cut, and Kohler motor, which is both stronger, and more reliable than the Briggs JD uses. The Kohlers run a whole lot cooler, and I've got some grades to deal with.

Can ya tell the girl is havin' a good time? She had a ball ridin' that Cub. She made short work of the backyard. Now I'll hear no squawkin' from the hen's nest either. She begged me to let her ride it, and I gave in. It's my tractor and I am the primary user.

I swear... I'm cursed with a wife that loves power equipment. I 'bout have think she has a weedeater fetish... and God help shrubbery now that I got that cordless hedge trimmer. Hell... The poor girl was depressed for two days when she realized we would never need to edge the front of our lawn.

Anyway... I reckon some day I'll post some pictures of Casa De Nate... along with the Red Light District, which is the affectionate knickname we've given our Tiki Bar. Just think of it like this.. very large... very square... very brick... and just a little imposing.

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