Friday, June 23, 2006



How's it goin?

Yeah I know... same here... just sittin' here sippin' a margarita... Sauza of course... Jose and I have memories but that don't mean he makes great tequilia. I know I'm just mixing it, but I like margaritas with good tequilia... and lots of it. A liter of Sauza goes a long way.

I figured I'd say hi... I'm 'bout to head out to smoke... haven't opened up the humidor yet... what do ya think? Patargas? Arturo? Arturo you say? 8-5-8 or Gran Reserva? I'll flip a coin. I'll probably roll with the latter... its quicker. I'll let ya know how it goes.

Hey speakin' of tequilia... do y'all mix with the good stuff? We've not had a good tequila talk... I'm pretty sure waterboy will like something that tastes like shit though. JAC ain't gonna be no help either... Spacebunny! She'll help me out! What says you darlin'? I know you have a favorite Vodka (Vox! ba dum ching!) but what about a man's drink?

On firearms... I had a technical discussion with someone the other day about the proper way to aliviate pulling your shots... the solution the fell came up with was to alter his grip to provide negative pressure to off-set the jerk. This is stupid for a number of reasons... none of which I bothered to pass on, because he's a cop.

I'm going to pass along this little bit of advice.. When going fast you do NOT concentrate on the front site. That's a myth. Shooting fast is an act of calculating trajectory that is beyong the capacity of your conscious mind. Forget the front site. Focus on trigger control, and pulling the gun back from its flip as fast as possible. Rely on muscle memory and the subconscious mind to aim the shot.

You'll be suprised what this will accomplish.

I know I know... lots of pro shooters say "Front site! Front site! Front site!" Lots of pros in lots of professions do lots of things wrong and get away with it because they have the talent to make up for it.

I'm officially working on a new technique at this point. Something every serious shooter knows is impractical and unreliable and plain silly to try.

I'm trying it anyway. I'll let ya know. if it works out... 6 months from now I'll post a video. If it doesn't.. I'll deny the whole thing.

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