Monday, June 26, 2006

The Racist North

While most will have you believe that the rivalry between the northern states of the union and those of the south started sometime around 1840... I've endevored to explain that the roots of the division go much further. Indeed they stretch back to the formation of the union itself, and even before.

It sort of sheds some light on the other side of the debate when one realizes that the rivalry pre-dated the union.

Those ignorant of basic human nature and history will point to the infamous fraction clause in the Constitution which defined slaves as less than a man. The question I have today is... A comprimise is what happens when two sides come to an agreement. Therefore we can conclude that there was indeed some disagreement.

In fact... history shows that one side wanted the census to treat slaves and freemen as the equals of whites... and one side wanted slaves and freemen to be completely ignored... not counted at all.

So which was which?

We've been conditioned to believe that the South was racist our whole lives... and that we had to be saved from ourselves by the benevolent heroic North. But it was the North that wanted the slaves ignored. It was the South that wanted them counted equally. So... dear Yankee friend... when you look back at the census of early America and grimace at that fraction... Remember it was your state that caused it. Not mine.

While you're at it... Ask yourself how those slaves got to the South. They didn't walk across the atlantic ya know. In fact, they were brought to America on yankee slave ships... Most sailing out of New York Harbor.

And then one more question for you, dear yankee apologist. What is the basis of racism? If one believes the pyschobabble of today... it is fear. Fear of the unkown and unfamiliar. So who knew blacks? Who lived among them? Where was the vast majority of the black population? The people of the south lived among blacks... with blacks in their homes. They saw them on the street everyday.

It was the North that was pasty white. It was the yankee soldiers who came south expecting to find a negro race one step up from animals. It was the yankee soldiers who wrote letters home about how shocked they were to find a moral black race. It was the yankee soldiers who, frustrated by rejection, raped the missy girls at virtually every plantation they found.

"When the yankees come, first they rape the missy girls. Then they rape the field girls. Then they get drunk. Then they rape the white ladies." - A Soul Looks Back, written by a slave who lived through it

It is my sincerest wish to never defile my foot by walking in Washington, DC... but I would do so. I would make that sacrifice, if only I could defecate upon the Lincoln Memorial.

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