Sunday, June 11, 2006

Belated ATF Report

And a fine time was had by all... well.. us anyways.

First things first. If y'all have never been to the Opryland Hotel I have little hope of describing it to you. Let me just say that it is enormous on a Superdome type scale. Inside... you look across glass roofed rooms so big that you ponder infinity... except you realize that there are several... not just one.

The atrium has to be 500 yards long... and about a football field wide. Its just like being outside.... except the tempurature is perfect... as is the humidity... and there are no birds... but somehow there are 10 million plants... and a thousand fountains. And remember... this is one room.. there are 2 more... one of which is at least 3 times as big.

The big one would be the Delta. An indoor area so huge it has its own river, complete with river boat ride. The main resturaunt of this area is called the Old Hickory Steak House... and believe it or not... this steak house is basicly a reproduction of the Hermitage. To scale. And it looks pretty small inside this gynormous room.

It's big. It's beautiful. We walked around for like 2 hours finding random spots to make out.. and we didn't see it all.

Speaking of Old Hickory's... we ate there... It was both awesome... and terrible. We had some truely incredible cheese samples... and my bone-in ribeye was like God's Own Steak. But the meal was like 120 bucks... and DrWho's pork chop was so bad she sent it away and didn't replace it. Still... it was a ball. The asparagus, the cheese, and the crab cakes made up for it for her. I was so happy with my steak I didn't care.

And how about the evening's entertainment?

The Opry was well... the Opry. In a little over an hour we saw Montgomery Gentry, Gretchen Wilson, and Keith Anderson do 3 songs each. Not to mention Pam Tillis, Charlie Pride (He sang Kawlija), and the coolest cajun band ever.

I thought DrWho was gonna swoon when Keith Anderson walked out... boys... trust me on this... when the man starts playin' Pickin' Wild Flowers... your girl is in fantasy land, and there ain't shit you can do about it. Let her have her fun. Not long after that DrWho was havin' so much fun with Gretchen Wilson... I mean... you can't beat a redneck country girl rippin' on Paris Hilton in her songs. She was laughin' out loud.

Yeah Gretchen.. we're damned glad that ain't all California Girls.

After Montgomery Gentry tore the roof off with Hillybilly Shoes we called it a night and headed back to the hotel for booze, food, and well... ahem...

For booze... believe it or not it was Rum and Coke all night. I have no idea how that happened. Normally I have treaty with Rum... I don't drink it.. it don't make me sick... but last night the Bacardi Gold and I got along just fine. Who knew?

As for the T... I topped our whole event off with a Jomeo Y Julieta today... unreal smoke... truely. Like 4 different cigars back to back to back to back. Normally I'm not a churchill guy. I prefer the shorter smokes, but after lastnight a little decadence was required to bring things to a fitting close.

Oh relax... it wasn't that bad... I mean... sure.. we broke a few laws... but not many.

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