Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Great... Another Woman with a Cause

ASK. Asking Saves Kids. Some genius never teaches her kid about guns... so the kid finds a gun at her neighbor's house... and shoots himself.

Because of this, we're subject to yet another acronym group.

You can tell a woman started the group... because when you investigate you find absolutely no responsiblity or accountability, only victimhood and blame.

See... you're not supposed to teach your kids about guns... instead you're supposed to ask all your neighbors if they have guns and how they are stored before you let your kids play theirs.

Several years ago a liberal's kid was a party in an old cabin. Under a table, he found a sawed-off shotgun. Being a liberal's kid, and therefore stupid, he pointed the gun at girl and pulled the trigger. He didn't know it was real. He didn't know it was loaded. He'd never handled a gun before.

For some unknown reason the weapon was loaded with a lug, which buried itself into the wall of the cabin between a girl and her mom... missing each by inches. No one knew the gun was there... or why... and I still cannot fathom why a slug would be in a sawed-off shotgun... but there ya go.

Now raise your hand if you think that kid would've pulled that trigger if he'd shot a shotgun before.

ASKing won't do anything to save your kids. All its going to do is piss off your neighbors. How about instead, you buy a gun and teach your kid gun safety, so when he does come upon a firearm, he knows what to do.


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