Friday, June 30, 2006

ATF: Were My Dogs At?

Tonight I'm sippin' Old Forester and thinkin' its time to share a little more Bourbon lore. My drink tonight leads me down a certain path...

George Garvin Brown didn't distill whiskey. But he changed bourbon forever just the same... and his kin still runs the multi-national company that he started.

See... way way back... in the old days... I mean back around the days of Elijah Craig... whiskey was sold only by the barrel to bars and taverns. The bars and taverns would then cut it... add to it... and otherwise ruin good whiskey... until it was pretty well undrinkable. The process made Brown sick.

So... his company set out to solve the problem... and in doin' so... changed the whiskey world forever.

Old Forester was the first whiskey sold in individual sealed bottles. The seal was intact... you knew what ya had. Tamper proof if you will. Brown's company still bottles Old Forester today... but they also own Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort.. and believe it or not... Lennox China.

Hows that for diversified?

Anyway... like I said... George Garvin Brown's great grand kids run the company to this day. But now you know a little more about the roots... of Brown-Forman.

Anyway its a little late start for the ATF post... I apologize... I haven't lit up yet... I'm debating. Maybe a Patron... or Partargas... who knows. I can't even spell it... it must be good.

No shooting news to report... Its the off season after all.

What'er y'all up to tonight?

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