Thursday, August 09, 2007

The A-Team is My Neighbor

During the late 90's... around the same time the milita movement was kicking into high gear, another phenomena started catching on. It was called different things in different places... but basicly it was cellular chain. The idea being... you have a preset emergency dial button... that doesn't dial 911... instead it dials a friend, who then uses his to dial another friend.. and so on and so forth. So if something bad happens to you, you simply hit speed dial 1, and wait for the cavalry which will arrive shortly... in the form of your armed and pissed off friends.

As cell phones have advanced the effectiveness of this rapid response tactic is even better. For example now you can your phone set to send out a group text message.. so everyone would get the same message at the same time... speeding things up considerably.

The benefit of this type of response is considerable. For one thing, your neighbor can get to you a great deal faster than the police can... for another... he'll be there to defend you... not to enforce some law or another.

Your neighbor will have a very clear idea who the good guy is. He knows you. He won't have to ask questions before he shoots. Believe me... he sees a freak with a knife and a hard on... he's gonna shoot.

That said I suppose if you're up late at night eatin' a steak and watchin' porn ya best not accidently hit any buttons on your cell phone.

This is an idea born of Waco. A large group of jack booted thugs can get away with a lot if there ain't witnesses. But imagine the ATF showing up, only to be confronted by 25 armed, and pissed off citizens. I can assure you things are handled with a great deal more civility.

I wonder if its not time for us to revisit this plan.

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