Monday, August 13, 2007

Daddy, What's a Yankee?

So we're driving home from a day of procuring vital provisions... the boys are happily watching some episode of Larry Boy or another... when my lovely and observant wife notices something.

Its seems that the villians in Larry Boy always seem to have a yankee accent.

We were happily discussing this glorious new found information when from the third row I hear... you guessed it...

"Daddy... What's a Yankee?"

I thought for a moment... I answered.. and edited my answer 1000 times in my head in about 2 seconds... and finally I decided on brutal honesty.

"Jeb... You know how some people are just mean? They have bad manners... and they're disrespectful... and they cheat... and steal... and lie.. and usually smell bad? Well... they're yankees. Yankees are people who cheat and lie and steal... and their disrespectful... and sometimes they smell bad."

The seeds were planted years ago.. but it looks our son's first history lesson was today.

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