Wednesday, August 22, 2007

RM Gets It

RM comments: My point is still that he made no mention of geography

Exactly. When I spoke to Jeb about what a yankee was I described behaviors. I didn't describe geographical regions. If I were to sit and try to list all the places that "yankees" come from I would be talking for a long time. California... Oregon... Washington... Minnesota... Michigan... Ohio... Illinois... Indiana... I'd even have to include Atlanta and South Florida for crying out loud.

I've often stated that the real rift in the US is transitioning from a North South rift, to an Urban Rural rift... and yes... I would describe city people the same way I described yankees to my son.

That's what so fun about english. One word means lots of different things. This isn't relativism. Consider the word love. Do you say you love your brother the same way you say you love your wife? Not likely. Eros is something I'm thinking you don't really feel for your brother. But in english, we don't have 4 different words for "love" like the Greeks. We only have one.

So when I say Yankee... I could be talking about someone from North of the Mason Dixon line. Or I could be talking about a city boy... more than likely though... the only thing you can be sure of is... I ain't bein' complimentry.

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