Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Simon Says....

Holy crap y'all... Corey Simon just signed with the Titans. That means we get to watch two of the 3 or 4 best interior d-linemen in the league play side-by-side. Simon-Haynesworth is arguably better than the monsters that Jacksonville boasts.

I cannot begin to explain how huge this signing is. Tennessee had a terrible run defense last year... but when you look at the D now... I really don't see anyway to run the ball effectively against it. Up the gut you face Simon and Haynesworth... backed up by a big hitting middle linebacker like Fowler or Steven Tullock. If you decide to run outside, you have two of the fastest outside linebackers in the game in Thornton and Bulluck... not to mention Michael Griffin.

I was pretty conserned about our D-line before. Brown and Starks were improving but they weren't proven. Simon... holy cow.

That one addition could be the missing piece that really puts the run d way over the top.

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