Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wallowing In The Misery of Others

Look... I'm not the most compassionate man. In fact... I can rightly be described as cruel. But I do have some standards.

I simply cannot stand to listen to the clips of that Ms South Carolina butchering that question. Its not funny. Its not entertaining. Its painful.

Enjoying the humiliation of another human being over and over is not christian behavior. Its not decent. Its loathesome.

Its amazing to me that people normally apaulled by such things are gleefully taking turns metaphoricly stomping on this girl.

I wonder... how many of you feeling so good about yourself at her expense have ever looked into a TV camera, or done any public speaking at all? Think its easy do ya?

Every where I look.... I see that girl. On tv... on the radio... I am forced to relive that moment over and over again. Well.... no.... no I'm not forced.

There's such a thing as an off button. I've been using it a lot today. I hope you have as well.

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