Friday, February 08, 2013


I'm out for a few days.  Operations to take me to places with little or no net access.  I expect to be 10-8 Sunday night.  Until then... consider this your ATF post.



Giraffe said...

Have a good time.

raggededge said...

A: George Dickel No. 12

T: I need to start smoking

F: Bought that Taurus PT1911.

Have a good time. Have enjoyed you posting again. Where else can I relive AC/DC memories one day and discuss biblical meekness the next?

Nate said...

What's the range report on the 1911?

Raggededge said...

So far, I'm impressed. I've only put about 200 rounds through it, but at 10-25 yards it's extremely accurate. No FTE at all. Only ammo I had was 230gr FMJ, and it was fine. Field stripping it was a bit of a PITA. I had a hard time getting the recoil spring back in. User error on my part and I'm sure it won't be a hassle for long.

Nate said...

beat the new out of it.. it'll be fine.

Hows the fit and finish?

Raggededge said...

Fit and finish is fine. Not custom level, but hell for this price I don't expect it to be.

Giraffe said...

I'm gonna get hunkered down for the blizzard that's coming on Sunday.

A: We'll see. Gonna stop and get some beer and something cool-aid for the mrs.

T: I'm clueless on tabaccy

F: Got a bunch of .44 mag and .22-250 brass that needs to be refilled this weekend. Hope to get to at least get through the .44's

Nate said...

what press ya usin' old man? I have an RCBS rock chucker myself... but I am eyein' a new Lee turret

Cunning Dove said...

A: Titos Vodka with Dr. Pepper

T: N/A

F: No new toys as of today. Shotgun in the shop getting some minor adjustments done.

I noticed above that Raggededge referenced the accuracy of his firearm at 10-25 yards. Do you also recommend punching holes in paper at closer, 3-5 yards? I have been working in the 7-10 yard range & was advised to start working at 3-5 yards by some former military... Thoughts? (of course I'm talking handguns, not rifles....)

Nate said...

i would question why anyone thinks that hitting something at 7 to 10 yards means you can't hit the same thing at 5 yards.

Generally I work in lots of ranges... but most of my time is making small groups at 30 to 50 yards.

Cunning Dove said...

Thanks for the input. I also questioned the reasoning. Now if I can just get to making small groups.

Nate said...

don't jerk the trigger. Everyone jerks the trigger. Squeeze it. Put your finger on it.. and thing about touching your nose with the tip.

You should be surprised when it goes off.

a good ROI said...

If you can't make small group further out, move in until you are making small groups consistently. If that means 3-5 yds for awhile do it until the small groups are happening. Then move out a few yds. Keep shooting at shorter distances until you are consistent then move back until you are at whatever long distance you want to be at... making small groups.

What is the distance of most firefights within the home? Less then 20ft probably less then 10ft.

Outside the home? I would guess within 50ft for sure probably closer to 25ft.

Giraffe said...

I have a Lee Turret. It's kinda nice just replacing turrets instead of dies, you set and forget it. The new lock and load types do that too.

I also have a Lee challenger press. Broke part of the linkage. I can fix it if I ever get around to ordering the parts. So, Lee is OK, and you can make some damn fine ammo on it, but it isn't RCBS, Lyman, etc.

I did get the .44's loaded. Used my daughters, the 4 year old as an automatic case feeder and the 2 year old as an automatic bullet feeder. We got through it, but I probably wouldn't do that again. Hopefully all the rounds have powder in them.

Rus said...

Howdy All, I jumped over here from VD's blog, and I like the content. It isn't Friday, but I just downed a 1554 and have by my desk a brand new Ruger P95 9mm. I fired fifty round only, but I liked the experience a lot. Does anyone know anything about this pistol?

Giraffe said...

Rus, I have heard good things. It is probably not a gun that you will run 20,000 rounds through, but it seems decent.

Considering getting one. Biggest downside is it only comes in 9mm, but 15 shots helps.

Rus said...

They're inexpensive, and seem pretty sturdy.

Come on though, 9mm isn't really a downside these days if you're using good ammo, like cor-bon hp. At least, that's what guys like James Yeager say.

Nate said...

I know a gun range owner that has two and claims to have over 40,000 rounds through each of them. He swears by them.

Personally I hate the damned things.... but that shouldn't bias you to your weapon. Like I said... they have a cult following.

As for 9mm. Sorry man... but that's just bullshit rationalization. Yes... good ammo can take you up to the 38 special range of effectivness. Just remember that the US military went away from the .38 special... because it couldn't be counted on to consisently stop ANGRY NAKED ASIANS. How do you think your 9 will do against a clothed 280 pound monster on crack?

Its a 9. It is what it is. Shoot them a bunch and pray.