Monday, July 03, 2006

The UN Small Arms Conference

Anyone who thinks its a coincidence that this is being held on the 4th of July in America is simply being willfully ignorant. The powerbrokers of the world know full well that the first battles of the American Revolution had nothing to do with Taxation without Representation, and everything to do with Gun Control.

Sadly the American Public does not. The Battle of Lexington you will recall when General Thomas Gage, military governor of Massachusetts sent a force to confiscate weapons and capture patriot leaders. When the British confronted Captain Parker and his militia in Lexington, they arrived to confiscate powder and ball. They did so... One round at a time.

Had the American Public not been armed in 1776, America would never have been able to win its independence.

Had the American Public not been armed in 1812, America would never have been able to keep it.

Ahh... But listen to the words Rebecca Peter Head of the IANSA:

“I think American citizens should not be exempt from the rules that apply to the rest of the world. At the moment there are no rules applying to the rest of the world. That’s what we’re working for. American citizens should have guns that are suitable for the legitimate purposes that they can prove. I think that eventually Americans will realize that their obsession with arming themselves in fear, in a paranoid belief that they’re going to be able to stave off the ills of the world through owning guns, through turning every house into an arsenal, eventually Americans will go away from that. I think Americans who hunt—and who prove that they can hunt—should have single-shot rifles suitable for hunting whatever they’re hunting. I mean American citizens should be like any other citizens of the world”

Read those words. Read them again and again.

Then go buy a gun... preferably a semi-auto rifle... with a collapsable stock... something that little Miss Peter would think is very scary looking indeed.

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