Friday, December 15, 2006


To be honest... at this point in my life... I am happier than I've ever been. But for some reason... tonight I seem drawn a little to the darker side. I read headline after headline... and I find myself thinking more and more about the AR-15 and the numerous 60-round clips close by...

Maybe its just left overs from responding to that email about Go-Time.

ah hell... nothing a little knob creek won't fix. I hope.

I'm working on a short story right now... of course... this has nothing to do with A T or F... ok... it has a lot to do with F... but its certainly not in the tradition of the ATF posts... but I digress. I'm working on this story about a wronged family... that ends up going at it with cops. It would be a lot easier to make it a novel though... but I just don't have the time. I don't think it could ever be a comercial success of course... which is why I'm rolling with the short story deal... because lets face it... do you really think there's a market out there for rutheless premeditated cop-killing? Probly not. We'll probably never know.

If I do follow through with my decision and make it a short story I'll post a work in progress here, and hopefully a finished version... at some point.

On a different topic I thought it would be a good time to give a bit of an update on my new carry gun. The Steyr.

I still love it. No problems at all. The accuracy and reliability top the glocks in the safe. Both of them... in fact they top all of the DOA weapons. The accuracy is on par with my PT-101 which is significantly larger... but the reliability is still an issue. Lets face it... I've shot that Taurus for over a decade trouble free. The Steyr has a ways to go to match that. Even still if I had to call it one way or the other, I would call the weapon proven.

Now... lighter topics... watcha drinkin' tonight? For me... Knob Creek. Oh I know... Everyone has something they like better than Knob Creek. Ya know what else? I don't know of another bourbon that's so high on everyone's list. Maybe its not your number one... but I'll wager its in the top-5 or 6. In a country where 80% of the population can't agree on the date, that's saying something. I don't know, aside from Russel's Reserve, Rare Breed, and Bookers... of a single whiskey that is as consistant as Knob Creek. Every ounce tastes the exact same. I suppose Makers is still better for the money... but it don't stay with you like Knob Creek does.

Speakin' of fine bourbon... Whiskey Girl called me the other day. See... I'm a GOOD brother-in-law. For no reason in particular I bought her a Wild Turkey Rare Breed Gift Set. It came with 750ml and a couple nice tumblers. Well the other day she calls me up... out of the blue.

"Nate... I've got a problem..."

"What's that darlin'?"

"This Rare Breed is really good... and I may have to work tomarrow."

I don't know if you've ever sprung for Rare Breed. If not... For the love of God go now. Its like everything that's good about Russells... but more of it. Sipping a little to much Rare Breed is like having to much sex. You feel it in the morning... but regret is not the right word.

And smokes???

I'm curious for your thoughts on CAO. I like them. They aren't the best... but so what? Does everything have to be the best? They're good cigars. I enjoy them. Sure... Aruto makes some better ones. But that doesn't mean the CAO's aren't good. It just means Arturo makes fantastic cigars. JAC said it the other day.. and I agree... Neither of us has ever had a bad Arturo. I've had bad cuban cohibas... but I've never had a bad Arturo.

What about you pipe guys? Are we still recommending local blends? If so... what do we have to share? There is a blend called Black Cordial... and I'm curious as to its consistancy. I've seen it in jars at several differnt shops in several different towns... but it didn't strike me as the same. There were slight differences. Always awesome... but different.

I'll end this with a very non-traditional ATF question. If the Shit Hit The Fan last Wednesday at 1:30pm... where would you have been? and how would you have handled it? Think about it. Are you prepared?

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