Monday, December 04, 2006

Say What?

Let me get this straight... 50 years ago a bunch of guys with a slide rule and fish bowl helmet landed on the moon, stayed there a while, and came home safely... all with computer technology that's the rough equivelent of a $20.00 casio watch... but its going to take us another 13 years and untold billions before we can go back.

Ya know... I don't know about y'all... but going somewhere the second time is a lot easier for me. Seems like it should be the same deal here. After all... the moon hasn't moved. Its still in the same orbit it was 50 years ago... mostly.

Titanium ain't exotic anymore. We don't use slide rules either.

Sorry. I don't buy it.

Why do we have to spend millions learning about the radiation on the moon... when we've already been there? We should already know... in fact, NASA has been insisting that we've known since way back to the first time they landed up there. They've been doing so to cast doubt on all the skeptics out there who think the whole thing was staged.

Well.. I'll tell ya one thing.. the economics of this don't make sense.

Someone name me one thing.. one technological achievement that is so hard to recreate. Hell... we won't be going back to the moon until 2020. We didn't need that long to figure it out and get it done the first time!

Sorry... read about the mission. Read about the whole thing... how it supposedly happened... read the NASA stories on it. You tell me if you can get through it with a straight face.

Oh.. and one more thing... this initiative was started in 2004. NASA has stated that it will plan to land in 2020. Meaning they need 16 years to plan and execute this mission.

The first mission... which was planned with slide rules and draft boards.... instead of Crays... was planned and executed in 8 years.

Sure... but computer power doesn't mean that much right?

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