Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Everything is a right these days. You have a right to health care... a right to education... a right murder your unborn child... and if you believe sports radio... a right to get the NFL Network on basic cable.

How about no.

Rights require no action on the part of others. For example, you have a right to free speach. You can say what you want. This requires nothing of me. You have a right to bear arms. Again... this requires nothing of me. This is basic. The widespread lack of understanding is an indictment on our so called education system.

But imagine if someone decided the Right to Bear Arms meant the government had to provide you with a high quality firearm free of charge. Suppose we had lengthy government studies about what firearm type was the best, and formed massive government agencys to direct the distribution of said firearms?

Well it would be bloody daft wouldn't it?

Strangely enough if there is no Right to Education enumerated within our constitution, but do we not do that very thing?

And what of the Right to Work?

Well... lets examine it. It can only be a right if it doesn't require the action of another. Your right to work obviously requires someone somewhere to hire you. Obviously, its not a right.

Work is not a right. Its a property, a very basic property which is covered by the most precious rights we have... which are property rights. In fact, all of the rights we have are based on property. You have a right to free speach because your thoughts and your words are your own.

So yes... work is property... but its not a right in and of itself. No one is required to buy your property. No one is required to hire you. There is not right to a safe work environment, because that would require someone else to alter the terms by which they purchase your property. Rights, as I said, confer no obligation on others.

There are all sorts of good things out there that are not rights. The government can't be continually expanded to deal with every pet peeve that someone may have. It can't because if it was, we'd all end up living in sterile cages.

Its time to grow up. You don't have a right to be comfortable. You don't have a right to be safe, or happy, or to live in a smoke-free non-offensive environment. God didn't grant you those rights. You have a right to life... but only in so much as you can sustain it for yourself. You want the NFL Network? Go get Direct TV.

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