Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Black Privilage

Every once in a while I make the rounds at some local Nashville blogs. Today I came upon some rant by someone calling herself Aunt B. She was upset about White Privilage... well... This is the Bloggerblaster... we don't do PC here. So how about we have us a little rant the other way?

Black Privilage is...

Being admitted to medical school in favor of whites who scored better on the tests than you did... and made better grades than you did.

Getting the job that you really aren't qualified for.. because after all mommy government says every company has to have so many black folks.

Getting to keep your job... even though you suck at it... you're lazy... and you show attitude to every co-worker you have... beacuse they can't fire you.

Whenever someone doesn't like you... its not because you're a jerk... or anything else about you... its because they're racist.

Always having a scapegoat.

Always having an excuse.

Going to school for free... just because of your skin color.

Being insanely over represented on TV.

A free pass to say blantantly racist things on TV, and not get fired. (Michael Irvin)

Well... that's about all I can think of right now. The comments section is below. Direct your hate mail there. I may even read it.

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