Tuesday, December 12, 2006

NateMail: Put It In Its Place?

There's a downside to having a massively read blog. The people who read it sometimes email you provocative questions to which there are no good answers. Like this one on putting the government in its place:

How? There are so many who are aware of the problem, the travesty, yetnone who offer a solution, to say nothing of action! I don't want you to take it the wrong way, as I'm sure you're notwho's only full of talk. I'm just so tired of it. Tired of being relatively informed and pretty darned upset at the form our Republichas taken, yet not seeing any recourse. What can one do? Vote? Ha!I know you'd never suggest such a thing. Is the answer to simply sit and wait for something to happen? Something so drastic or terrible that it motivates?

Still... you have to try. So here goes...

What is being asked here.. is simply... is it Go Time?

The answer is obviously no... because if the answer was yes, we wouldn't be reading silly things on the net right now... we'd be shooting, looting, hiding, being shot at, blowing things up, and generally having a great time. These things are not happening... so clearly its not Go Time.


But when is Go Time? To answer the emailer, we really do need to sit and wait. Its coming... for sure. The dollar is rapidly falling to hell. Big Oil is converting their pricing to Euros. China has made it clear that they are getting out of the dollar. At best, recession is on the way... at worst?

The Fed is screwed. They can't raise rates fast enough to save the dollar... but the low rates are the only finger left in the dam holding back the recession. They're damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Well... ask yourself.. what will President Rhodam's response to a recession be? Tax cuts? Probly not. How do you suppose modern america would react to a socialist mommy-in-chief in the midst of a depression?

Waco almost tore the country apart doing great economic times. What do you think would've happened if people were already pissed?

The key ingredient to the coming of Go Time is a significant economic downturn. Another key ingrediant is a nut case, gun grabbing, certified commie in the white house.

Both are on the way.

Clean your guns. Horde ammo. Pray for Peace. Prepare for War.

But if you're like me... and you've got a family to protect... better investigate in off shore real estate.

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