Thursday, December 07, 2006

Politics is a Team Sport

I've talked about this before. You end up rooting for the team you associate with, and because they are your team.. you end up blinded to the evils that they may do. Today though... I'd like to try to expand on this a little.

When I say its a team sport you probably think in terms of two teams competing. In fact.. its just different units of the same team. Its like a football team. You have offense and defense... and they're never on the field at the same time.

The ultimate goal of each is to secure power for themselves... which in actuality means securing power for the government. The Offense, which we'll call the Democrats, is more geared toward openly expanding government as fast as possible.

The Defense... Republicans... they are there to insure that what gains are made, are not lost... and to occasionally pick up a large gain.

Just like football... the biggest turning points usually come from the defense. EPA? No Child Left Behind? The Patriot Acts? All big moves made by the defense.

Some of you are fans of the Defense... some are fans of the offense... but me?

I'm rooting for the other team.


See that's how it works. There are two sides. The People and The Government. You pick a team. If you're a democrat... or a republican... then you're on the Government's side. If you would use the power of the government to outlaw things that you don't agree with... outside of Common Law... then you are on the government's side.

Would you outlaw homosexuality? If so... you're a bootlicker.

Would you outlaw marijuana? If so... you're a bootlicker.

Would you restrict firearms ownership? If so... you're a bootlicker.

Would you ban smoking? If so... you're a bootlicker.

Would you outlaw racism or sexism? If so... you're a bootlicker.

Think about it. Nationally... if the Dems were in power when the Patriot Act came up before congress... how do you think the average Republican would've felt about it?

He would've hated it... because his team didn't do it. And that is why things like that... things as eggregiously offensive to freemdom as that... have to be handled by the Defense. Because the folks that cheer for the defense have the guns.

See the folks with the guns watch the offense pretty close. If they are gonna start shooting... its gonna be because of something the offense did. But the defense? Why would they start shooting over them? That's their team!

That's the way it works in America boys and girls. Red or Blue. Grab your pom poms and grab your ankles.

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