Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Black Flag of Christianity

We write this day for one reason and one reason alone. We right to declare once and for all that the message of the Gospel must not be lost. We accept no compromise. We accept nothing less than the Truth.

Christianity is not an inclusive religion.

Christianity is not a unifying religion.

Christianity is divisive.. subversive.. and dangerous.

Christianity pits brother against brother.. and Father against Son.

Christianity is not a religion of Peace... at least not until the Victory.

We will no longer tolerate the pathetic trade off.. we will not sacrifice the Truth for mere peace within the church. We will not compromise. Black is black. White is white. This is the end.

Paul did not barter the Truth for peace.

Jesus did not barter the Truth for peace.

Neither shall we.

It is time for Christians to shake off their cowardice and insecurity. It is time for Christians to speak the truth regardless of the consequences.

The time is now.

Hoist the Colors.

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