Saturday, March 07, 2009

Piss on NYC

The Big Apple my ass. I've called 10 different resturaunts today... and out of the 9 people that answered the phone... only one of them spoke english. Well, that may not be entirely accurate... I mean they may be speaking some kind of english... I just know I could understand a word they were saying. Apparently in New York you're only allowed 1 syllable... so all your words have to be condensed into one constant sound with no breaks at all. Combine that with a revolting yankee accent spliced over some random middle eastern accent.

Seriously... appart from the guests at the hotel... I have no seen a single white person.

Not one.

I'm certain that there are in fact white people in New York... I know two of them quite well... But I am begining to wonder if they are the only ones. And ya know... now that I think about it... its not that I haven't seen any white people.. I mean.. I haven't seen any black people either! I mean ok... our cabbie was a black dude... that's it. That's the only black or white person I've laid eyes on.

Ok... enough bitching... the place is miserable and discusting and there is nothing here to justify its existence.... other than the fact that it thins out the asshole population east of the mississippi by attracting so many to one spot.

You know...

Like California does out west.

Someone nuke this place.


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