Monday, March 02, 2009

Very Interesting...

I would like to point out two articles of interest... though seemingly unrelated.

Note this one first.. where-in we learn of inflation in Belize. Here's the money quote from the Statistical Bureau of Belize:

"It concludes that the rate of inflation in 6 other Caribbean countries is expected to vary from 7% and 14%."

Now... lets be honest... such a figure doesn't seem particularly interesting at all does it? I mean.. these backwater countries are all the time devaluing their currencies to try to mask their insane expenditures.

Oh wait... I said two articles didn't I? Sorry... here's the other... Note that bit where it says the currency of Belize is pegged to the US dollar.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Got it yet?

The Belize dollar is pegged to the US dollar. That means it cannot be inflated by Belize. It can only be inflated by...

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