Friday, March 06, 2009


Boys... a friend is havin' a hard time findin' himself a sidearm. He's apparently got some big ol' meat hooks.. such that even Glocks don't feel right. We could take the easy way out and advize him to get a Desert Eagle.

My initial thought goes to Ol' Taurus PT-101. Its a double stack .40. It fills up your hand.
Now before you go gettin' your panties wadded up about it being a beretta clone.. I would caution you... because its not. Its a superior weapon to the Beretta. You can carry this cocked and locked. Its got a lot of steal where the Beretta has a lot of aluminum... its more accurate and more reliable. Those are the facts.
On the Tobacco front I would like to like to complain about NYC... which apparently has out lawed the products to the point that they simply are not available for purchase. May the whole city burn... after we're gone.
Ah well... that leaves booze.... Tonight I'm reduced to heading down to the hotel bar for over priced bourbon. Oh yes... Ask me how much a liter of Makers Mark is...
103 dollars.
I guess the Hyper-Inflationists were right.

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