Friday, May 20, 2005


Believe it or not... it's 7:00pm on a Friday and I am not yet drunk. Amazingly... I've not yet actually had any alchohol what-s0-ever.

What's the world coming to?

Fear not. The Sky Ain't Fallin' Chicken Little. I'll be tossin' a couple shots back shortly.

So what are we into tonight? Sounds like ol' Dave Goodyear is into the shine... hehehe... gonna be a big night over there! Pour ol' JAC's old lady won't let him drink at home... so he's probly sneakin' off to the barn to sip a little Turkey. In the meantime, Darlin' Joy is gonna be setup nicely with some Hypnotiq and Dew... Personally I wouldn't be caught dead with the stuff... but hey... I ain't got a vagina... Vox on the other hand...

I'm gonna run out to the package store to pick up somethin' tastey. May get WhiskeyGirl's favorite Russel's Reserve. May stick with Makers.... Just never know.

Otherwise you'll find me out on the back deck smokin' my C.A.O. Dominican... Easy draw... full bodied cigar... tough to beat for the money...

I thought I should take a minute to cover the playlist... particularly since its still bein' used as the soundtrack for this evenin'. Not all of the tunes tonight of course... when you're not on 2 wheels... you can only stand so much Motley Crue... I dropped some hints in the tellin'... I'm interested to see if any of you guys were suprised after ya see the list.

1) Pickin' Wildflowers: Kieth Anderson
2) Dierks Bentley: Whole Lot of Leavin'
3) Metallica: For Whom the Bell Tolls
4) Motley Crue: Girls Girls Girls
5) Snoop and RATM: Bounce
6) Motley Crue: S.O.S.
7) RATM: Killin' in the Name Of
8) Motley Crue: Kickstart my Heart
9) Figure You Out: Nickleback
10) Motley Crue: Wildside
11) Saliva: Click Click Boom
12) Shooter Jennings: Fourth of July
13) George Straight: Cowboys like Us
14) Shinedown: Simple Man

Hehehe... so a few of these things are not like the others eh? Number 13 really don't fit does it? I simply cannot ride without Cowboys Like Us. Just ain't in me. As for the prevailance of the Crue.... well... what can I say... I was at Kristy's when I loaded up the MP3 player... and she has a Crue fetish. But you didn't hear that from me. Hey... admitting "Kickstart My Heart" was on there was a whole lot easier than coppin' to that Nickleback crap. What can I say... Joy ain't got the best selection of MP3's on this laptop... in fact... there's none.. not one... so I'm screwed here.

Did I mention I'm usin' an F'ing dialup connection? This is killin' me.

As for guns... the best thing I have to report... is the fact that I'll be at the largest gun show in the state of Georgia tomarrow. You can expect a report.

Anyway... I'm alone.... just me and the dogs here... Smokin' and drinkin'.. smokin' and drinkin'.... Hell throw in Jesus and by God now we'd a song! Maybe work a train in there... and something about Mama... Hrm... We'll see how this all works out. Probly have to send someone else for the booze... dammit.

***Standard Friday Postin' Rules Apply***

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