Friday, May 06, 2005


First of all... I should point that it's been a long day... and I just don't know how much I've got in me. A cigar and a sip of 1792 just might end my night completely. Before I take the dive though... I figured I should at least drop in and give y'all a shout.

Coffee seems to be the topic of the day. JAC is awefull stoked about his new Bunn... I use a regular ol' coffee maker myself... though if I had my druthers it would be a perculater. I know I know... Bunn's quicker... Whatever... good stuff usually takes longer. I can wait.

I prefer German Black Bean coffee. I know... you've never had it.. or heard of it... and if you have... you think it's nasty. Oh well. I like it. Piss off. I like my coffee like I like my chicks. Smooth, Tan, and sweet. Blonde is the best.

Plain ol' non-dairy creamer for me thanks... I know it's flammable. That's why I like it. I tried that Coffeemate stuff, but I could never get it to lite.

Everyone I know either makes coffee to strong or to weak. My uncles all make it so strong its damned near thick as mud... and if you make the mistake of lettin' JAC near a coffee maker you'll end up with slightly tinted water.

Coffee's like milk. You ain't supposed to be able to see through it.


It's 1792 and a cigar tonight... I'm undecided on the make... maybe Macanudo? And as for guns... I'll just go ahead and spill the beans on JAC... He ordered a new 1911. It was 'posed to be in today, but he got the shaft.

Anyone think you can guess the make? I'll be shocked as hell if ya do.

So whatcha doin' tonight?

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