Friday, May 13, 2005


It's Friday kids... you know what that means? That's right. Time to wadded up all those worries and flush'em away with fire and water... or... more likely... as I am... With a Cuban Label cigar and a Margarita that's more like a tall glass of tequila.

Like the Dude says... F*** it.

I know I know... you expect better of me... but I just ain't got it today. WhiskyGirl is up here to help DrWho fly South with my boys. I won't see any of them until a week from Saturday, and frankly... the thought has me more than a little nausiated. Jeb's nappin'... otherwise I wouldn't even be here right now. Last few moments are to precious to waste on a damn computer. Piss on them what makes light of it.

Don't feel sorry for ol' Nate though... Fact is... I'm spending next week in Myrtle Beech. Oh yeah.. it's a tough life ain't it? Me and the boys are ridin' down monday... and I plan on layin' drunk on the beach for at least 3 days. So while you're at work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, do try to feel sorry for me... as I could well be suffering from a hang over or mild sunburn.

Say Kristy... You ain't got a job either... You wanna a two-wheeled ride to the beach for a few days?

Hey... don't get to jealous... it's bike week. That means that the place will be filled with fat guys on harleys. Not my idea of good company. I'm just hoping enough locals come out to improve the... umm... ahem.... scenery.

Say Will... Do ya have a bike?

Damn this cigar is good. And no.. I ain't tellin' ya any more... it's a Cuban Label... that's all you get to know. Now where was I?

Oh yeah... the beach... You girls don't get your bikini's wadded up either. I may enjoy the sights... but I'll behave myself. The little beach skanks will be hot.. but none of them have earn a shot at the title.

Hrmm.. this talk of riding has me thinkin' of tunes... what's the deal with arena rock and motorcycles? I hate Motley Crue and always have... but I'll be damned if I don't love 'em when I'm on the bike.. and I'd love to see Nickleback boiled alive in peanut oil... but hey... throw on "Figured you out" while I'm on the Phantom and an involuntary smile creeps across my face.

And now I'm wonderin' about what's goin' on at the old blog next week... Probly not much. JAC and Will are gonna have to pick up the slack. In fact.. I may well give them access... I wonder how they'd do if they actually had an audiance.... hehehe.. sorry boys... I couldn't resist. Personally I'd love to see either of them submit something to Vox for a saturday post. Fact is they both kick ass. If you don't read them... well... your loss. That's a fact.

Speakin' of ass kickin'... I'd say it's about time to wrap this ATF thing up... so let's get to the guns eh?

If you've any sense at all you've been to JAC's and learned that he purchased a new supa-bad 1911. A Thompson 1911 to be specific. That's the one... same folks that made the TommyGun. He claims it's shooting .75 inch. Please remember too.. that's 3/4 of an inch by our standards... meaning the two shots that hit furthest apart... not like those girls from the Magazines measure. At last report she was still havin' ejection issues... but that's not uncommon for a new gun. She's just gettin broken it. I'm glad to report however that my PT-101 was reliable right out of the box. But hey... That's why I carry it... and we don't expect that sort of's just nice when it happens.

I suppose it wouldn't be fair to not report that WhiskyGirl in fact liked Russel's Reserve better than she liked the Bookers. So there ya have it. Chicks like Wild Turkey. Draw your own conclusions.

This is by no means a knock on WhiskyGirl, whom I love dearly. She even pointed out that since I let her try that Turkey she has relegated her Canadian Piss... I mean Royal Crown... to mixing with coke. I for one don't know why anyone would waste a perfectly good coke with that stuff.. but to each her own. Maybe she was mixing it with Big K? We should give her the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway... I've got a good buzz... the suns out... I've already been out on two-wheels.. and I have a female companion... it's hard to complain. Y'all have a good time out there... Drink 'em, Smoke 'em... and should it be necessary... Smoke them too.

Drink: Margarita
Smokes: Cuban Label
Tunes: Kris Kristopherson, "The Profit, Chapter 33"
Company: WhiskyGirl (my other hot sister-in-law) and Jeb.

***Standard Friday Posting Rules Apply***

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