Friday, May 27, 2005


It's a sad day boys. It's official... Res done went Kimber on us. I for one couldn't be more disappointed in the boy... well... I could... I mean... goin' Kimber ain't quite as bad as goin' pillow-biter... but hell... its the first step. Next thing you know he's gonna be carryin' a Glock... and we all know where that leads... Hell... it'll only be a matter of weeks before he's on his knees in the back room of some adult bookstore.

In other... more upbeat news CZ purchased Dan Wesson. Now WellDigger personally wet himself when he learned this... but personally I see it as a good thing. CZ is a company that ain't goin' anywhere. They bring stability and deep pockets. Two things that Dan Wesson has really never had before. I would've blogged on this sooner, but I wanted to see some real evidence that quality wasn't gonna drop. It hasn't. CZ obviously wanted into the 1911 market... well... Buyin' Dan Wesson is one helluva way to get there. I don't know where y'all stand on CZ, but personally I love 'em. The CZ-75 is easily one of the top 3 most copied firearms in the world... maybe second only to the 1911. Their guns are accurate, reasonably priced, ultra reliable... and innovative. What else do you want?

No.. besides that p99.

Anyway... You Dan Wesson fans keep your panties on. Sky ain't fallin' Chicken Little.

Now if you pardon me... I'm off to smoke this here Torano. Just me an ma' here tonight... so I'll be behavin' myself for the most part... You're welcome to stop buy the gargage... that's where you'll find me least ways. No beverage options declared tonight... spied a white merlot from beringer that I thought I might give a shot... Call it a fetish... I ain't proud. Dunno.

What about y'all?

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