Tuesday, May 10, 2005

F*** the Police

Non-compliance is not an option. That's what it's come to. A simple speeding ticket results in a woman who is 8 months pregnant being tazed and a arrested. Why? Because she refused to sign a speeding ticket.

But... she must've gotten mad and taken a swing at the police right? She assaulted them!

Nope. She simply refused to exit her car when ordered to. When they tried to push her out of the car, she simply held on to the steering wheel.

So out comes the tazer.

Of course... I suppose we should be thankful right? I suppose we're to assume if they didn't have that tazer, they would've had to simply beat her senseless with their nitesticks or maglites. See... you need to remember... you're not being punished for the crime specificly, because you haven't been convicted yet. What you're being punished for is disobeying the police. When a cop says jump you say "how high?" Get it? Otherwise you better get used to the idea of pain.

I don't know where you stand on this cop thing... but I can tell you for certain that I've had enough of it. Piss on them. I used to contribute to the Fraternal Order of Police in both Tennessee and West Virginia, but I stopped last year. You wanna know how much my attitude has changed?

Those cops showed her that tazer before they used it on her. That constitutes a threat. A cop pulls that shit with me, or mine, we're gonna go. Plain and simple.

Tazing and arresting a woman over not signing a ticket. I can't believe that crap.

THAT is the difference between a law officer and peace officer. A peace officer wouldn't care if she didn't sign the damned thing. He certainly wouldn't disrupt the peace by causing such a ruckus as all this. But a law officer? He doesn't care about the peace. He only cares about the law, and the law says you sign the damned ticket or else.

So that's it for ol' Nate. No more signing tickets. They tell me to sign it, I'm drawing a straight line in the signature box. If anyone asks me if that's my signature, I'm gonna answer honestly.


And for the record... I want to make sure my position is clear on the confrontation aspect of this...

If that woman had gotten scared and shot one of those cops before he tazed her, I wouldn't lose a minute's sleep over it, and I'd do my damnedest to get on that jury and find her innocent.

This has gone to far. Its time that law abiding citizens start stomping some cop ass.

*** UPDATE ***

Just in case that's not enough for you... Perhaps this will also help change your attitude. Please note that while no weapon was found in or around the vehicle, cops still emptied 120 rounds into it... well... it... and the walls and windows of various surrounding homes... and apparently into each other as well. But hey, this nutcase led them on a chase... with speeds up to 35 miles per hour! He had it comin!

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