Saturday, May 07, 2005

The First Saturday in May

I see this goin' one of a few ways...

1) Bellamy Road Wins. He is just that much better than everyone else, and leads gate to wire. It's possible. Not only that... it's possible that the horse has plenty of meaness to go along with those speed numbers as well. He may not mind at all running from behind. Just cause he ain't done it, it don't mean he cain't.

2) Bellamy Road doesn't win. At least one multiple horse owner will sacrifice a colt on a suicide attack on him. Once he's out... then the real race starts.

I can see Bellamy Road doin' it... but I just don't think it's gonna happen. If it does, he'll probably be our first legitimate threat to win the Triple Crown since Charasmatic. He's not my bet though.

Nope.. at 5-2 he's just not a good bet. No Thanks.

Nate's Pick: Sun King.

Nate's Tri-fecta: Sun King, Afleet Alex, Bandini

DrWho's Pick: High Limit.

High Limit? Hey... I laughed when she picked Charasmatic. I don't laugh anymore.

Jeb's Pick: Afleet Alex

Eli's Pick: Bellamy Road.

Eli says... He's just that damned good.

Well.. it's that time boys n' girls. Who's your pick?

*** UPDATE ***

Giacomo! What a race! What a frickin' horse! Holy Cow! This is gonna sound like BS, but y'all can ask my wife, before the race when they showed Giac a couple times I kept sayin' how much I loved that horse. He's gorgeous.

Anyway... that's why its be the Greatest Two-Minutes in Sports, and its also why they make so much Whiskey in Kentucky!

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