Monday, May 02, 2005

Horse Tale

This horse talk has me rememberin' the last time I mounted up. It's been a while, since DrWho and I have been movin' around so much...

Hell... I guess this goes all the way back to our courtin' days.

We were at her cousin's place, and they had a couple horses... Julie said she wanted to ride a little.. and well... what was I gonna say?

First I should point out that Julie is a more experienced rider than I am... but... I'm the male right? So when we learn that one of us is gonna get a sweet-as-can-be old bay, and the other was gonna deal with a younger gelding, full of piss and vinegar... well... guess which one I volunteered for?

Hey... this was a big horse y'all... I ain't shittin' ya, I was scared. I didn't show it... esspecially not to the horse... but I was.

Anyway... Julie hopped up, and I figured the best thing to do was to make sure this big boy knew I wasn't gonna be his bitch. I jumped right up on him, and made sure everything I did, I did like I meant it.

Bad idea.

I had inadvertantly started a power game with a horse that loved power games.

As soon as I was up, I grabbed the hell out of the reigns... and of course... the out-come was predictable. Mr Horse stood up on his hind-legs to let Mr Man know what was what.

2 words. Code Brown.

Anyway, I ain't no jockey but I ain't no fool neither... When he rared up like that, I jerk the hell out the reigns... so hard it turned his head till his nose just about met his shoulder. He came back down then... but then he bailed on me. Full Throttle too. I'm sure Julie was somewhere snickerin'.

I just held on, and kept his head turned until he gave up and decided to be friends... then I played it cool, and trotted him over next to the fence where Julie and her perfectly well mannered little mare were chillin' out, enjoyin' the show.

We strolled around a while before I decided I better quit while I was ahead.

I really do like to ride... I just wish JAC had a horse my size. Bein' a little fella, he only rides ponies ya see. I swear... if he rides anything over 13-hands... I ain't seen it. Yup... That's no lie... he may like big motorcycles... but he'd saunter around on a shetland if he thought it'd bear the weight.

Maybe someday I'll talk him into buyin' a four-legged tractor... then I'll have somethin' to ride.

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