Thursday, March 23, 2006

And So it Ends

DrWho goes in at 3:00pm today. She works a 16-hour shift, and at 7:00am EST, she will walk out of WVU Hospital a Board Eligible Anesthesiologist.

The movers will be here in about 30 minutes to start packing our stuff.

Meanwhile down in Dickson I have a couple motorcycle shops competing to sell me a new KLX 250... and a whole patch of rednecks are busy installing new hardwood floors, tile, and paint throughout the monstrosity we closed on last week.

Believe it or not, my biggest stress right now is moving my 2-year-old fish, Cletus. He's an Oscar, and if you've ever seen a big one, you know why I named him Cletus. I'm well aware that its just a fish... but its just a fish that eats out of my hand. It behaves largely like a dog. I pet him.

DrWho is particularly attached to Cletus.

I've formulated an excellent plan for moving the beast. I've procured a 28 quart cooler, and I am drilling a hole in its lid. I've got a small filter and air stone that's driven by the same pump. Truely impotent for anything but the smallest aquarium, but for our purposes it should do well. I'll fill the cooler with water from Cletus' tank, run the hose through the hole in the lid, and plug the air-pump into an inverter in the truck. The cooler should keep the water warm.

So that's the plan. Wish Cletus luck.

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