Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Brokeback Love Story

So... My wife was on call Monday night and as is tradition someone from the OR staff provided a movie, and the whole staff gathered in the lounge to watch it together.

Much to my wife's suprise... it turned out to be a special edition of Brokeback Mountain.

A little background here. Yes I am ashamed. But in her defense, she never believed the movie was actually about gay cowboys. In typical woman fashion, she simply couldn't accept reality. She was convinced it was a cowboy movie with a cowboy movie plot in which a couple cowboys were gay. Ahem. No.

So the whole OR staff... and understand... this is a hospital populated with wildly liberal people. The Chair of my wife's department is openly gay, and the new number 2 guy not only wears pink bras under his dress shirts... but he adjusts the straps a lot to make sure you know it.

This isn't a problem with the vast majority of their co-workers. So what I am about to describe to you is the reaction a liberal audiance had to Brokeback.

They laughed all the way through it. They Rocky Horrored it. Because its just that bad a movie. The acting is terrible. At one point... during what seemed like the 10th gay sex scene, a fella said, "Good lord... there was more talkin' in Castaway."

During was supposed to be a heart wrenching scene of rejection... one of the gay cowboys is so torn up about not getting laid (that is the whole movie, two guys that want to get laid. Love has nothing to do with it. Their relationship is solely sex) he goes off to the corner having a crying a fit and pukes. A circulator nurse in the audiance goes, "Oh my God! He's pregnant!"

You've read time and again that this is such a great love story. There is no love in it. These two gay cowboys bugger each other a few times a year. That's the whole of their relationship. One of them, in another howler, goes off to Mexico and hires a gay male prostitute because he's been away from his buddy to long... then actually uses that fact to try to put his gay cowboy buddy on a guilt trip.

That's love? Ladies... think of your husband looking you in the eye and saying, "You made me go 2 months with out sex, so I went found a whore." Boy... wouldn't you just feel so terrible about how you'd mistreated him?

The movie is brutally honest about 1 thing. It exposes gay "love" for what it is. Nothing more than lust.

The fact that gays look at this as a positive depiction just exposes their lifestyle all the more as nothing but a glorified fetish.

And the liberal OR Staff's take? They hated it. Not because it was about gays, but because it was just a really bad movie.

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