Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Important Things

Today I was slogging through our many years of writings and I began to wonder who it was that wrote all those angry rants. They certainly sound mad. This is strange, because I’m not really mad at all. In fact I’m as happy as I’ve ever been, if a bit stressed.

There’s been a tremendous change in my outlook. Things that bothered me before simply do not now. When I read of massive government waste, or equally massive bureaucratic stupidity, I simply chuckle to myself.


Largely its because I have become separated from society. I don’t work. I don’t watch TV outside of sports. What news I get I choose to get. My time is spent with my children, wife, and very soon my friends. I simply don’t feel a part of the society that is rapidly declining around me. I feel like I’m watching a ship of fools sink, rather than sinking with it.

I contribute nothing to the government. I pay no taxes. I do not vote. I no longer feel attachment to the ground on which I was born. The fire I once had to see it all fixed is long gone. Now I simply enjoy the show. How can one not?

Tiring of the Reagan Revolution the Democrats looked to Clinton to save them. All they got was moderate spending and massive cuts in welfare. Not what they had in mind.

The Republicans then elect Dubya, fearing the big government ways of Al Gore or John Kerry. In return Dubya increases the size and scope of government far more than either could have.

Next the Dems may elect Hillary over some war-mongering NeoCon. In return Hillary will re-double our war efforts in a manner that Dubya never could.

This is what I mean when I speak of high comedy.

In the past I kept connected through information. I simply absorbed everything I could about current events. That only lasts so long. Eventually reality wins. You can pretend you’re in the game from the bench, and you can even make yourself believe it, but you’re not really in the game. Someday the realization comes.

Oh don’t get me wrong. There are still issues that stir up a reaction in me; Abortion or Guns. But these things never keep me interested long. When the recent challenges to Roe fail, it won’t bother me like it would have 4 years ago. There was a time when I would have a serious internal debate about revolution. I would’ve asked myself if it was time to vote with my index finger.

Now? I’ll take a sip of bourbon, shake my head, and go back to thinking about motorcycles or pretty girls.

America is past saving, and not worth whatever struggle would be required anyway. The American people do not want to be free. They want to be fed and entertained. When you’re free you have to feed and entertain yourself, a much more difficult thing.

Live well. Drink well. Read much.

Christian concern is for the Lord and His Will. Not for the good of one nation or another. The rise and fall of empire is simply the way of the world. War and Peace are nothing to be overly concerned with.

Render unto Caesar that which is his…


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