Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Public Safety

The pastey skinned invertibrates wring their hands and worry aloud. The public must be kept safe.

I ask you, why?

Why is it any of your business if I wear a helmet while I tear through the tarmac on my CBR?

Why... because if I crash, then your insurance will go up! Someone will have to pay for that 6 months I spent in the ICU. What ridiculous reasoning is this? Do we not see far more injury accidents in cars? How many lives would be saved if we required the drivers of automobiles to wear helmets and safety gear?

We watch NASCAR drivers walk away from 170+ mph multi-car crashes every sunday. With that kind of gear... what chance is there that anyone would die from a crash at 60mph? The same reasoning could well lead us to drop all speed limits to 5mph.

I have no desire to live like this.

What business is it of yours if I open a smoking bar? Or allow dogs in my resturaunt? If you don't like smoke... or dogs... can't you just leave?

Ever more.... Ever more I weigh the prospects of leaving America.

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