Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Friend

Lets face it. Few things are as dear to a man as a well made knife. I probably haven't spent as much time on knives as I should... so let me take a minute to rectify that.

I've carried a Leatherman of one form or another for at least 6 years now. Probably closer to 8. Right now, more often than not you'll find a Leatherman Wave in its black holster on my belt. If I had my way I'd have that tool and a mini-maglite with me at all times. More often than not I have my way.

For all its usefulness though... the Leatherman is all tool. Its functionality as a weapon is zilch. Which brings me to my new friend.

Meet the Kershaw Tactical Blur. This is possibly my favorite pocket knife of all time. And I've had some fine ones. It's name is well earned. A flick of the thumb and this thing jump open. Don't blink. Switchblades are not this fast.

The grip is awesome as well. Sticky as can be. It's like 100 grit metal sandpaper.

Now don't get me wrong... I haven't given up on Kabar or Syderco. But this is a great knife. It feels perfect in my hand, and so far it has handled everything I've asked of it perfectly. If you're thinkin' about pickin' up a knew everyday knife... check out the Blurs.

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