Thursday, March 09, 2006


I suppose each sport has one man that personifies it for better... Football has Peyton Manning... or worse... Baseball has Barry Bonds.

For years NASCAR had Dale Earnhardt. But actually... there was always someone that maybe fit the mold a little better.

Junior Johnson was born in 1931.

His daddy taught him to drive while running moonshine. Junior, it turns out, was a quick study. Its been said that Junior was never caught on the highway... not even close. I don't know how true that is... but the fact that its says tells ya somethin' about the way the man could drive.

He was called the same way a lot of preachers are called... we was plowin' a field... starrin' a mule's ass... when somethin' better come along. His brother L.P. walked right up and asked him to drive for him in the next race. Junior figured it may not pay no better... but drivin was a damn site more fun than plowin'.

He finished second.

The stories, tall tales, and out right lies about Junior are to many to list... entertaining though they be. What else would you expect from a man that won 50 races before retiring at just 34?

Oh by the way... did I mention he invented the modern practice of drafting when he won the Dayton 500 in 1960?

Junior is an authentic whiskey runnin' stock car racin' good ol' boy. He's a throw back to another civilization... Imagine Dale Earnhardt Junior running Herb through the back woods of Carolina on his off days...

NASCAR ain't a sport they says. They're right too. It's not really a sport.

Its more like a lifestyle.

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