Friday, March 31, 2006

The Jackal

Sometimes ya just don't have a choice when it comes to namin' your new motorcycles. This was one of those cases. I was writin' down the VIN number for my records and there it was. The first letters... JKAL. What I'm gonna do?

So here she is.

Theres bit of the gear I got along with her. No green. Black and grey. I should end up looking something like a tie-fighter pilot... which is just fine with me.

There was an issue with the dual-sport pants I ordered. To damned big. The knees were down around my shins. I don't know what I'm gonna do. It's not easy to find ridin' gear for short fellers.

The bike is freakin' beautiful. I fully expect JAC and Welldigger to hate me for months. I'll be suprised if Digger will even speak to me. Anyway... I'll keep y'all posted over at JAC's. I'll try to do at least a couple of the audio posts myself. Check over there a lot. I'll keep him honest.

We can't forget about you poor bastards at work.

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