Friday, August 11, 2006

Belated ATF

Jeez... ya leave for a few days and look what happes...

You will forgive me my absence of course... I've been all over Tennessee and North Carolinia in search of furnishings for our home. In between I've also managed to find time for some serious firearms shopping.

I've now had the opertunity to compare Para, Kimber, and Springfield back to back to back... and here are a few thoughts. I started by only comparing weapons of similar price... and I was just going by what the store was asking. There was a Kimber Desert Warrior (1,350), a Springfield Stainless TRP (1,249), and a Para PXT (1,549). They had a Smith and Wesson but I don't check commie weapons.

First and foremost... lets talk about the obvious differences... The Kimber was by far the ugliest weapon. The para and the TRP were both bueatiful. The fit and finish of the Springfield was head and shoulders above the Kimber as well... and slightly better than the much more expensive Para.

Dry firing... lets be honest for a moment... These are three really sweet weapons. That's no lie. The TRP has the lightest pull.. Not an ounce over 3 pounds... probably more like 2.5. The para and the Kimber were both in the 4.5 range. There was an almost impersevable amount of slack in the trigger of the Kimber... none in either the Para or the Springfield.

Someday I may buy all three to do a legit test... but then again... Guntest magazine already did... and like always... the Springfield wins. So why bother?

I also played with several DAO weapons... I concluded that I have no idea what I would choose between a Springfield XD, a Taurus 24/7, or a Walther P99QA. I have no clue. I love all three... all three are marvels of engineering, design, and execution. Probly should just get one of each. I will say this... at 399 in .40... the Taurus is probably the best value.... but the Walther has much cool factor in its favor... and the springfield is the perfect median. Don't ask me... I have no idea which to buy.

I'll post more on booze and tobacco later... y'all be good... and leave Gregg alone... He's just trying to save you from your temptress wives.

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