Monday, August 07, 2006

Christian Wives

It is with dismay that I watch so many of my do-gooder friends ( I have two sets of friends... do-gooders, and hellians. Never the two shall meet) struggle in their marriages because their ideas of sex and their wive's ideas are so drastically different.


Listen up...

Go here. Look at those.

If that makes you uncomfortable... if you didn't just say, "COOL!" then you have a problem. The fact is if men liked virgins so much coitus wouldn't be a legal and religious requirement to create marriage. Dig?

Sex is good... it is right... and its something that you should embrace. No pun intended. Somewhere in you is a bad girl. You're married. Its time she came out. Sex is supposed to be fun. Throw down dammit.

And you young single men out there. Please... drop that stupid "I don't want a girl would would like that" crap. If you think you want to wake up with a cold-fish every morning for the rest of your life you're insane. Grow up. Be a man, and be honest about what you want. If you're to stupid to know what you want.... Join the Marines.

Let not this post reflect at all on my wife, or may opinions of her. She treats me like a rock star. This was inspireed by comment and contraversy elsewhere.

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