Monday, August 14, 2006

Terrorist Cells, Self Ignighting Bombs, And New York City

8 terrorists made up the cell... each armed with 10 self ignighting fire bombs. Over a year of planning... 80 locations... specificly picked along broadway and the Hudson River... Theatres... Museams... Hotels... Shipping Warehouses... all picked with one goal in mind;

To Burn New York City to the ground.

The bombs were to go off nearly simultenously... all 80 within minutes of each other... the shock, terror, and confusion would devastate the city's ability to respond. It was nearly perfect.

An islamic plot? Al Queda? Planned by Osama himself?

November 25th...

of 1864.

Confederate soldiers from the 10th Kentucky Partisans carried out the attack... which was actually foiled by the chemist that made it all possible in the first place. Turns out the chemist chickened out, and weakened the formula in the greek fire... most of the bombs barely burned at all. While dozens of buildings burned... no one was killed.

But before you lament the failure... consider this... one of the hotels that was bombed that night was the La Farge House. It just so happened that there... on that fatefull night, the three Wilkes brothers were on stage at the same time. You know the Wilkes brothers...Edwin Thomas Booth... Janius Brutus Booth Jr... and the youngest...

John Wilkes Booth.

You see... had the fire bombing of New York been successful, John Wilkes Booth never would've survived to assassinate The Tyrant Lincoln... Just six months later.

And you'll never hear that on Paul Harvey... but it certainly is... The Rest of the Story.

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