Monday, August 07, 2006


To the Left Liberal Mind the strife in the Middle East is easily sorted out. The Israelis have a home... they have a nation of their own... a place for Jews to live among Jews... governed by Jews. The astute Left Liberal is smug.. confident in his own worldly knowledge. He points out that it is the very same motivation the Palestinians have. They long for a home.. a place to be Palestinian among Palestinians.

He says things like this... then stands back and smiles... awaiting Pavlovian praise from the other certified ignorants with whom he keeps company.

I say we stuff them all into the barrel of a cement mixer with 50,000 thumbtacks... and maybe some salt. The left liberals... not the Palestinians...

The left liberal has no historical education and he has a diploma to prove it. He thinks the strife in the kitty litter box we call the middle-east began when the Jews moved in. Obviously he concludes that if the Jews were removed, the remaining folk would get along famously... sitting around in great sand washed circles singing Kum Ba Ya... with little more to fight about than who's turn it was with the camel.

The whole of history not-withstanding... this view could have some merit. Sadly... we don't omit history. We look to it, and we see centuries... nay... millennia of war and strife... torment and torture. But... just for fun... just to demonstrate the stupidity of the left liberal mind... let's play a game.

Lets pretend their right... and it really is just two peoples fighting over the same land... the land they each call home. Is this extraordinary? Hasn't this happened on just about every piece of land man has ever walked on? Are Red Indians running amok with tomahawks... scalping white men at the 7-11? Are the Aborigines of Australia throwing spears at the drunken Aussies?

Time and time again civilizations clash over land. What happens?

They fight it out until one side wins. That is the only way to peace... through absolute victory. And what is absolute victory? I many cases its wholesale destruction... slaughter so complete that there can be no doubt. That is what it will take to settle this thing, and so even accepting the left liberal explanation of events... their own frame of the conflict still paints the same picture they hope to confront. War is the answer. There will be no peace.

What they miss even more than this though... is there pathetic assumption that the end of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict will bring peace to the region.

For centuries the savages battled among themselves... they ally themselves begrudgingly. Only against an ancient and hated common enemy, more powerful than any one of them separately. If that common enemy was removed... the region would degenerate back to the savage vs. savage bloodletting that has plagued it for time eternal.

The answer to this problem... is to ignore it. Let Israel handle the matter. There will never be peace in that region until the savages there are brought to heal and bred out of existence, just like the savages that once roamed North America.

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