Friday, February 02, 2007


Its Batf tonight because we just got home from bowling. I love bowling... but I suck at it. I mention this because my beautiful and loving wife gave me a "valentines day" prize early. I put quotes around it because let's be honest... men don't get valentines day prizes. Girls do. But what did I get???

The coolest bowling shirt ever! Its black... and it has two lanes running up the front of it with pins. I'll throw a pick up if I can find one. Way cool. Someone should've been wearing this shirt in the Big Lebowski.

And now... on to the traditional ATF stuff... where I compensate for my lack of testosterone by pretending to be interested in things that I'm not really interested in... thus making myself feel better about doing "woman's work" all day. But let's get on with it... shall we?

Lets focus on the 1911 project for a minute. I mentioned I went novak on the front... bomar on the back... I've picked out the trigger.. and I thought I had the barrel picked as well... but now I've decided I may want to comp them. Do any of you have favorite compensators? I'd love to hear suggestions.

As for asthetics... they are carbon slides with parkerized frames... so black frames and silver slides. I'm thinking stainless pins and hexnuts on the grips... and speaking of grips... what do y'all think? Something cool or something traditiona? Obviously I'm leaning toward something highly custom and a little out there. Suggestions are also welcome.

Come on... I know you all have opinions on what your dream 1911 would have... well... I'm building two of them. Let's hear it!

While we're on the subject of firearms... I thought I'd share one of the tricks of the tactical trade. Here's the situation:

You're in your room with the door open. Bad man is in the hall outside. How do you get him?

There are lots of options. For one... you can close the door, lock it, then blast it with a shotgun when he jiggles the knob. This is a dirty and dangerous method... but it can be made to work with some care and planning. Its not my favorite.

A slightly less dirty way.. especially if you have a hi-cap 9mm... is as follows:

Inside your room you begin shooting the floor as you move. Don't look where you're shooting... just make sure you're shooting away from your feet. After a shot or two you should be in the hall facing the badman... who will be freaking out because of the shooting. Shoot him.

This whole tactic should take maybe 4 shots with the last one hitting the badman. If you need to dump 5 or 6 more into him... be my guest. It is after all a 9mm. The main thing to remember here is speed. You need to be fast and you need to have a decent idea of where he is before you start.

My favorite method of course is to let the dogs occupy the poor bastard while I step out and shoot him.

Tobacco... hrm... Anyone chew? I find my eyes lingering on the chew lately. What's that about? Them big twists look damned good.

oh... and booze.. it is Friday night after all.... hrm... NewCastle Brown Ale... and Modelo Especial. I'm begining to think I have a new favorite beer y'all... but I can't decide which one of these it is.

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