Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sundown... You Better Take Care

"A disturbing recent phenomenon in Washington is that laws that strike to the heart of American democracy have been passed in the dead of night. So it was with a provision quietly tucked into the enormous defense budget bill at the Bush administration’s behest that makes it easier for a president to override local control of law enforcement and declare martial law.
The provision, signed into law in October, weakens two obscure but important bulwarks of liberty."

It should be noted that its a supposedly Conservative President that is scratching and clawing for every inch of power he possibly can. But who am I kidding? Bush never claimed to be a conservative. He's only claimed to be a Republican. If Guilliani can be a Republican... then surely the party doesn't mind including gun-grabbing, baby-killing, liberals.

At any rate... there's no reason to sneak this sort of legislation through... and there is no reason to bother with it, unless you're pretty certain you would need to use it.

And under what circumstances would you need to use it?

Tell me... does anyone feel safer now that the federal government can use the Army as its very own police force... for pretty much any reason it wants?

Its a good day to check your ammo supplies and clean your weapons boys.

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