Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The End of the Abortion Debate

The debate on abortion ends here. It ends now.

The question of abortion boils down to a debate on when an unborn alive... and when it is said to be human.

These are not complex questions. In fact, science has already asnwered them.

So... is it human?

How do we tell a cellular sample of a goat from a monkey? DNA. So then how do we know if the cells in the female's body are human? Its simple. They are human because the DNA they contain is human. That DNA is present from the instant the egg is fertilized. In fact, prior to implanting harvestest fertilized eggs during the process of invetro fertilization, scientists often run DNA testing on them to determine if they have certain genetic issues... like downs for example. They are also capable of determining the sex. So if you want all girls, they can choose to only implant girl eggs. So not only can we prove its human, we can tell you a great deal about it as an individual.
So its human... but is it alive?

Science answers this by listing criteria... symptoms if you will... of things that are alive. Growth for example... Metabolism... organization...

When we look at the fertalized human egg we see an organism that is rapidly dividing. In the first 24 hours it divides over and over again. It metabolizes... it grows. Again in the case of Invetrofertilization we can watch this happen. We can see the organism metabolize and divide. There is no question that it is alive, by even the most stringent of definitions.


It is human. It is alive... and since DNA also proves that it is individual, then it must be concluded that this is a living human being with basic human rights, including the right to life.

Killing it is Murder.

God says so. Science says so.

And I says so.


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