Friday, February 02, 2007

The Myth of Untapped Resources

I hear it a lot... I read it a lot... its a huge feminist talking point. The worlds greatest untapped resource... is girls!

I swear woodchippers should come with labels... Insert Feminist Here.

Lets just think about this shall we? If girls are an untapped resource than we must conclude that women are not, or were not, participating in the economy. This is of course... completely ludicrous, but that doesn't matter... because its a catchy little phrase... and people don't think about catchy little phrases. They just instantly believe them.

Well.. I for one would like to take a moment to shred this one.

Women have always participated in the economy. They were consumers. They were also producers. Producers of what? Producers of the real source of wealth; more Producers.

A Career Girl goes to work... and she produces X. Most likely she'll have 1 child at most... and that child will be raised, not by a loving family, but by daycare "teachers" making minimum wage... watching over the childern just enough to make sure blood doesn't spill. These workers have no vested interest in the outcome of the children they watch. This experiment has been going on for a couple decades and the results have not been pretty. There is no reason to think these kids are turning out as well as the ones produced by the old system.

A Mom? She has 2, 3, 4, or 5 kids... all raised in a loving household with generations of evidence that shows that these kids will grow up to be producers.... hardworking positive members of society. If she has 2... then she has doubled the economic benefit of the Career Girl. The difference is, the Career Girl appears to be benefitting the economy at present, where as the Mom really is benefiting the economy of the future.

We're trading 2 or 3 accountants 20 years from now for 1 accountant now.

Girls... I know math is hard... but that's not a good trade... and you should know that.

On top of that... Career Girls don't actually help the economy at all.

A Career Girl goes out and gets a job. Very rarely however does she actually produce something beyond a pretty presentation or pie chart. For all their bluster women don't go out there and start businesses. Career girls don't anyway. Plenty of women go out and become self employed in various ways... and they are indeed participating in the economy and they are indeed producing something. Good for them. But the vast majority of Career Girls don't do that. They get hired, and go about the business of destroying things with BS paperwork... needless regulation... increased bureacracy... gossip... and general problem causing.

Hundreds of thousands of productive man hours are lost every year dealing with problems and complications caused by women in management, or women in the workplace.

That's not to say that women can't work. It does mean that the best solution for a woman who works is a dad that doesn't... and when she works she should conform to the workplace. The workplace should not be changed to suit her. Not because men are big meanies... but because doing so would reduce production.

Now... if you'll excuse me... I have to make a phone call to call Troy-Bilt... they have some issues with their labelling I need to help them resolve.

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