Sunday, February 04, 2007


Boring game... Boring commercials... absolutely the most surreal pre-game ever... I mean... the Colts and Bears... in Drumline form? The unintenional comedy factor was just huge. I've never seen anything as ridiculous as that... at least off the top of my head I can't remember anything.

I liked the one Bud commerical... with the Crabs worshiping the cooler.... all the rest were lame. The doritos fan commercial was just embarassing. I'm sorry... but a fat chick who gets turned on by food isn't particularly funny to me... its just.... uncomfortable.

Anyway... the rain kept it from being as bad a blowout as I predicted... but its still a joke to claim that Chicago ever had a chance. I've never seen such an impotent offense in the Super Bowl, and I've rarely seen such a hyped defense get abused so badly.

Anyway... a bummer of an evening... except that the Colts won... so that means I was right... and I like being right. As a bonus, I don't have to listen to morons talk about Manning choking anymore.

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