Thursday, February 22, 2007

The World's Leading Moron

Says Amanda:

"To see that abortion is moral, you just need to look at women as human beings with lives that have value. When a woman chooses abortion, she’s not indulging some guilty pleasure, like sneaking in a round of adultery at lunch, to bring up a genuinely immoral action that should not be criminal. She is probably thinking about her family’s well-being and yes, her own well-being. Taking your own well-being into consideration is called “selfish” by anti-choicers, but I think valuing yourself is a moral good, even if you are female. In fact, especially if you are female, since you live in a world where having self-esteem can be an act of moral courage that requires some defiance. If I got pregnant, I wouldn’t even have to suffer much mental strain to realize that abortion would be the best choice for myself, my family, and my relationship. Abortion, not just the right to abortion but the actual procedure, is a moral good that helps women and families and should be honored as such. Women who get abortions should be recognized as people who can accurately weigh their choices and make the most moral one. ."

While the post by Amanda should be required reading for everyone woman who claims to be a feminist... one cannot help gawk at the obvious stupidity.

Amanda is a walking talking stereotype... the female to caught up in her own goddess blessed self-actualization to bother with reason or accountibility.

According to this line of thinking... all killing is moral... all killing is good. There isn't a person in the world who couldn't look at this and substitute themselves for the palestinian and people X for the jew.

There is a long list of folks that apparently it is moral for me to kill... including:

1) All Yankees
2) All self professed liberals
3) Anyone who votes Democrat

If I were a feminist... I would be doing everything I could to shut this idiot up.

Since I'm not... I love her.

Keep it up Amanda... you do the heavy-lifting for us.

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