Monday, January 07, 2008

Stirring Up Trouble

I doubt you're aware of it but apparently there are message boards for pregnant mommies out there. My dear wife plays on one regularly... and the subject of politics came up... a woman asked DrWho what she thought about Universal Health Care.. Public Schools and such... In turn.. my wife asked ME to answer for her.


This is what I wrote:

Do we support Universal Healthcare: Not only no, but HELL NO. And when I say HELL NO please understand that it means if Candian or European style Universal Healthcare is implemented here, we will be gone in a matter of months. Let me be clear... the more the government is involved in Healthcare.. the worse Healthcare gets. All Universal Healthcare will do is drive providers away, limit your options, bankrupt the nation, and ultimately kill people. That's what happens when you can't get treatment. You die. The good news is... you died with an insurance card in your pocket. The bad news is, that insurance card doesn't do you any good if there aren't enough doctors left to accept it. Canada has learned this the hard way.

I'm going to go into a little more detail here... so bear with me. I know when I say "Supply and Demand" some of your eyes glaze over... but that is really what its about. Universal Healthcare takes something that is very valuable and in very short supply ( healthcare) and makes it appear to be free to the end user ( the patient). Well when something is free do you worry about using to much of it? Are you careful with it? Here in Tennessee, we implemented a program called TennCare which was basicly HillaryCare. No one outside of congress had insurance as good as TennCare recipients. What happened? Well ER visits were free... office visits were free... ect ect ect.. so everytime they had the sniffles they were in the ER. They were calling for ambulance rides for the sniffles. Abuse was rampant.. small town doctors left the state... major hospitals closed down... and the state had to kill the program because it was going bankrupt. Now imagine that on a national scale... and combine the fact that many doctors will simply leave the US before they'll work under those conditons. I suppose you can tell we're a little passionate about this issue. That's because we have a lot at stake. We don't want to move.

Ok... next question... Public Schools: Considering that we're homeschooling... our position is probably predictabe. We hate public schools. We hate the public school system. Its a dangerous and foolish system that is designed to do exactly what it does... which is produce good little consumers and worker bees. The public school system was not designed to educate. It was designed (by Rockerfeller) to condition. That's what it does. It conditions kids into little herd animals. The Nation may need little herd animals, but the People would be better served with strong minded educated individuals. Strong minded educated individuals are far more likely to come from home schools and private schools than public schools. Personally if I had my way every public school would be burned down and the grounds on which it was built would be sown with salt and left as a desolate reminder of the minds lost there... and while I was at it I would ship every member of the NEA to Cuba where they belong.

I'm sure by now you can imagine what my answers are going to be to just about any question you can think of. We don't see government as a solution to the problem. We believe government is the problem. We do not want "safety nets" because we see them for what they are; traps.
Now all this is not to say that we are anarchists. Anarchy is just Might Makes Right. We do favor some extremely limited government. It should protect the weak from the strong... but it is not Charity. It should protect our borders. Its one of the very few legitimate responsibilities.
In general we want to be left alone. I don't want the government telling me how to live my life, what I should, when I should sleep, how much water I should have in my toilet, or what safety precautions I must take while I travel. My wife is the same way.

Our whole political philosophy boils down to responsibility. A child asks who is going to take care of her. A grown up takes care of herself. We take full responsibility for our lives and the lives of our children. We don't expect nor ask for anyone's help. We certainly would never put a gun to your head and demand that you help us. And see... when you use the force of government to take money away from someone, and give it to someone else... that is what you're doing. You're stealing. Disagree? Consider... what happens if I don't pay my taxes? I go to jail. I am harmed. If I resist to much... I could be killed in the struggle. So what you're doing is taking money from me, by force. You're using just as much force as a masked gunman at a convenience store... you're just more polite about how you demand my money.

But in the end it all comes back to responsibiliy. Who is responsible for your life? What I would ask you is... are you a child? Do you need Mommy to save you from the Big Bad World?
Just remember before you answer what Mommy does when you say yes. Mommy comes to my house with a gun... puts it in my face and says give me your money or I will hurt you. Then Mommy takes that money and gives it to you.

In our view... That is what "social services" are. In our view... That is what "safety nets" are.

Yeah... something tells me that will be REALLY well recieved by the post-partum crowd!

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